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PMPC03 Park mode power kit USB-C

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Keep recording from park position and prevent your car battery from draining. The PMPC03 power supply kit regulates the battery voltage and is suitable for both 12 volts and 24 volts.

Keep recording in park mode
Avoid an empty battery
Choose your desired voltage level
Suitable for the DC202-2CH

Parking mode recording

Thanks to this Nordväl PMPC03 power kit USB-C for the DC202-2CH, you can continue recording in park mode, without running the risk of an empty battery. The desired switch-off voltage level can be easily set.

In recording parking mode, you can choose from various recording options such as impact detection, motion detection and time-lapse recording.

The dashcam  will continuously record, or start for example when motion or an impact is detected.

As soon as the vehicle is turned off and the Nordväl dashcam records in park mode, the PMPC03 power kit checks the voltage level of the car battery.

If the voltage level drops below the set level, the PMPC03 will automatically shut off the power supply to prevent a dead car battery.

You simply connect the kit to the fuse box of the vehicle. Then choose the desired switch-off voltage. This power supply kit is suitable for both 12 volts and 24 volts.

Voltage shutdown options:

For 12 volt batteries:
The protective voltages are 11.6V/11.8V/12.0V/12.2V.
11.8V recommended for most users in general driving conditions.

For 24 volt batteries:
The protective voltages are 23.2V/23.6V/24.0V /24.4V.
23.6V recommended for most users in general driving conditions. The hardwire kit automatically identifies the lead acid battery type (12V or 24V) and protects your battery from discharge.

The PMPC03 automatically identifies the voltage level of the battery.

What's in the box:

Nordväl PMPC03 parking mode power kit USB-C

3M tape

User manual

Cable length 3.5 meters
Voltage 12 volts and 24 volts
Outgoing 5 volts / 3 amps
Voltage monitoring at 11.6 volts and 23.2 volts

Manual | Handleiding | Handbüch | Manuel

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The PMPC03 is suitable for:

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