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HC101-S Robot Mop

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The new and improved version of the HC101 in every aspect, this is the compact HC101-S. Clean your home even faster, smarter and quieter.

2 powerful rotating mop pads

Central water tank keeps the mop pads wet

7 automatic cleaning programs

Mops right into the corners

Smart obstacle and cliff sensors

Now even quieter in use (42dB)

Important features

Reaches difficult corners

2 rotating mop pads

Obstacle and fall detection sensors

Noiseless (42dB)

Mop pads are kept wet

Remote control included

Easy to use

The Nordväl HC101-S robot mop is made to help you save time in householding tasks. This robot mop navigates independently within your house while avoiding obstacles and applying one of its 7 mopping programs.

Effectively clean a variety of floors, with its Dual-Spin Technology, the 2 mopping pads rotate at high speed to move forward while thoroughly mopping your floor.

Smart cleaning

Fill the water tank and let the robot mop do its work with a simple click of a button on the robot mop or the remote control. The Nordväl HC101-S robot mop ensures a clean floor, without you having to mop. With the use of different programs, stubborn stains are easily removed.


With only 42 decibels of sound, this smart mopping robot from Nordväl is extremely quiet and can continue mopping when you are at home without disturbing you.

Dual-spin rotating mop pads

The two power motors operate the built-in dual-spin (rotating) mopping pads, allowing the Nordväl HC101-S to effortlessly remove dirt and stains from various types of floors, including hardwood, parquet, stone, tiles, marble, laminate, PVC floor, etc. In addition to dust and dirt, the Nordväl HC101-S robot mop also collects hair and fur.

Water tank

The water tank of the HC101-S is larger than its predecessor, with a capacity of 210ml. An automatic water supply keeps the mop pads wet during use, with a total usage time of up to 120 minutes.

This ensures that the most stubborn stains are removed for optimal cleaning. Because the mop pads protrude outside the housing, it can reach the most difficult corners to clean them.

Compared to the HC101, the HC101-S is equipped with only one large water tank (210ml) instead of two small water tanks. This way it is easier and faster to refill the water tank and it is also easier to keep clean.

Obstacle detection sensor

The integrated sensors help the robot scan your room so that the Nordväl HC101-S detects and avoids obstacles such as walls and furniture. This allows it to move effortlessly through the room and clean as efficiently as possible. The compact height of only 9 centimeters ensures that the HC101-S van mop under many cabinets and radiators.

Cliff sensor

Height differences are detected by the fall detection sensors, so that the robot can, for example, detect a staircase and prevent a fall.

Powerful cleaning thanks to its weight

The HC101-S is designed to use its weight for powerful cleaning results. The weight exerts pressure on the mop pads, keeping them in continuous contact with the floor and effectively removing dirt and stains. This makes the HC101-S clean better than other mopping robots that only works with rotating mop pads.

Removable mop pads

The HC101-S comes with removable mop pads that are washable. Use cleaning agents by spraying them directly onto the pads. The green mop pads are suitable for polishing different types of hard floors, while the gray mop pads are suitable for collecting dust and hair while scrubbing the floor. 

Comparison table HC101-S vs. HC101

Cleaning modes

What's in the box?

Nordväl HC101-S Robot Mop

Water tank

2x Coarse cleaning mop (gray color)

2x Microfibre mop (green color)

Remote control (including batteries)


User manual

What's in the box?

Nordväl HC101-S Robot mop

Water tank

2x Coarse cleaning mop (gray color)

2x Microfibre mop (green color)

Remote control (including batteries)


User manual

Nordväl HC101-S

Product name Nordväl HC101-S
Size B325 x L165 x H88 mm
Power AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
Noise level 42dB
Driving speed 30cm/sec
Energy consumption 27 Wh
Weight 1.45 kg
Battery Lithium-ion 11.1VDC, 2150mA
Battery life 120min voor natte reiniging
200min voor droge reiniging
Water tank capacity 210ml

Remote control

Product name Nordväl HC101-S Remote
Size B168 x L43 x H16,5 mm
Signal transmission distance Max. 5m
Model name IRCEdge
Weight 55 gr
Battery 2 x AAA-batterijen
Can the HC101-S drive over objects and carpet?

No, the HC101-S cannot drive over an object or carpet because it has no wheels.

What type of floors can I use the HC101-S on?

The HC101-S can be used on all hard floors, including laminate, marble, tile, coated wooden and linoleum floors.

What is the difference between the green and gray mop pads?

The green mop pads are made of 100% microfiber, so very soft and good for absorbing liquid and fine dust on the floor. These mop pads can be used to scrub the floor or to mop after vacuuming.

The gray mop pads are made with a special cloth that combines mother yarn and microfiber. These mop pads have a dual function: sweeping and picking up dirt on the floor. It can pick up hair and anything on the floor as it scrubs away the stains. The gray mop pads are recommended for cleaning that requires scrubbing and more intensive polishing.

Can I put cleaning agents in the water tank?

We do not recommend putting cleaning agents in the water tank. This can cause water supply problems later. If you do want to use cleaning agents, you can spread them directly on the mop pads or spray/spread them on the floor before mopping.

The robot is not working.

Open the lid of the HC101-S and press and hold the power switch for at least 3 seconds to turn on the robot.

If this doesn’t work, check if the battery is dead.

The robot is not charging.

Check whether you are using the correct charging adapter according to the specifications.

Check that the power adapter is properly connected to the charger.

The robot makes a strange noise while cleaning.

When the water pump is running, you will hear water spraying. This sound is normal.

The robot makes louder/different sounds than normal.

Check if there is any dirt stuck on the bottom of the main unit or the rotating panel.

A loose screw in the rotating panel can cause the noise. Contact us.

The remote control does not work.

Make sure the robot is turned on.

The maximum operating range of the remote control is 5 meters.

If the above solutions did not help, replace the batteries.

The rotating mop panel does not rotate.

Check for contaminants in the rotating panel.

The robot keeps bumping into walls and furniture.

Wipe the sensor window with a soft cloth. See the manual for this.

The robot moves strangely while cleaning.

If there are contaminants on the sensor window, turn off the robot and wipe the sensor window with a soft cloth (see the manual).

Check that the mop pads are properly attached to the rotating panels.

Remove any contaminants that may be on the rotating panels.

The robot stopped working while cleaning.

If a foreign object such as a power cord, cloth, towel or cord gets stuck in the mop or rotating panel, turn off the power and remove the foreign object.

The robot drives slowly and does not clean as well as before.

Check that the mop pads are properly connected to the rotating panels.

If the floor is wet, mop the floor dry before using the robot.

The robot’s performance may vary depending on the condition of the floor.

The robot does not spread water.

Check whether the water tank is properly attached.

Check if there is dirt in the water tank inlet.

Check that the rubber gasket and water filter are properly attached to the water tank inlet. The pointed part of the water filter must point upwards (see the manual).

The robot keeps falling down from the front door or the step to the bathroom.

Wipe the sensors on both sides of the front with a soft cloth.

If the edge in the entrance or bathroom is lower than 5cm, the robot may fall.

If there are objects such as shoes directly in front of the lowered part of the entrance or bathroom, the robot may not be able to detect the floor and fall.

Battery life has decreased.

Use the device after the battery is fully charged.

If the robot is left unattended for a long period of time at low temperatures (below 0°C) or high temperatures (above 40°C), the operating time may be reduced. Wait at least 15 minutes for a suitable temperature and then fully charge the device before using it.

While charging, check whether the LED on the display flashes red. This could indicate a problem with the battery. Therefore, turn off the power and contact us.

The mop pads smell strange/dirty.

If the mop pads are left unwashed for a long time after using the robot, it may cause an unpleasant odor. Wash the mop with a neutral detergent, rinse it with water and then dry it completely.

If the water tank is left for a long time without emptying it, it may cause an unpleasant odor. Wash the water tank regularly.

The floor becomes dirtier after cleaning.

If you clean too large an area at once, the mop pads can become dirty and subsequently make the floor dirty. Wash or replace dirty mop pads before cleaning the remaining area(s).

Make sure the robot does not go over areas that are soaked with water, oil, pet feces, or urine, as this can contaminate the mop pads and subsequently other areas the robot passes through.

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