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HC104 Triple Spin

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The Nordväl HC104 Triple Spin is designed to make your life easier.
The 3 powerful but quiet motors (43dB) clean your house thoroughly and quietly.


 3 powerful rotating mopping pads

 300 ml water tank with water delivery

 7 different cleaning programs

 Wipe thoroughly into the corners

 11 intelligent obstacle sensors

 Extra quiet in operation (43dB)

Important features

Perfect cleaning right into the corners

3 powerful spinning mop pads

11 obstacle and 2 fall detection sensors

Extremely quiet in use (43dB)

Smart and adjustable water supply

including remote control

HC104 Triple Spin Sfeer

Powerful, thorough and stylish cleaning

The Nordväl HC104 has no wheels! The robot mops and drives at the same time. Using 3 rotating mopping pads, it cleans the floor with a pressure of 2 kg created by its own weight. The fast-rotating mopping pads are constantly in motion and protrude slightly beyond the edges, so that every edge and corner is thoroughly cleaned.

Smart and silent cleaning

Fill the water tank, turn on the device, and let the mop robot do its job with a simple push of a button on the remote control. Thanks to no fewer than 11 smart sensors, the Nordväl HC104 Triple Spin ensures a clean floor, without having to mop or be disturbed by the sound. Thanks to the different programs and the triple spin technology, stubborn stains are removed without any problems.

Triple Spin Rotating Mopping Pads

Three powerful and quiet motors operate the built-in triple-spin (spinning) mopping pads, allowing the Nordväl HC104 to effortlessly remove dirt and stains from various types of floors, including hardwood, parquet, stone, tile, marble, laminate, PVC floor, etc. In addition The Nordväl HC104 Robot Mop also easily collects dust and dirt.

Water tanks

The smart and adjustable water supply system keeps the mopping pads wet during use,

This ensures that the most stubborn stains are removed for optimal cleaning. Because the mopping pads protrude slightly beyond the edges, he can reach the most difficult corners to clean them too.

Obstacle detection sensor

No fewer than 11 built-in sensors continuously scan the environment, so that the Nordväl HC104 will easily avoid obstacles such as walls and furniture. This allows it to move effortlessly through the room to clean as efficiently as possible.

Cliff sensor

The built-in cliff sensors prevent the robot from driving off thresholds. This means you can have the Nordväl HC104 triple spin cleaned anywhere in the house without any worries.

Practical charging station and handle

There is a handle on each side of the mop robot, with which you can lift the device practically and easily. The charging station is designed for space-saving, hygienic and stylish storage.

Cleaning modes

What's in the box?

Nordväl HC104 Triple Spin

Mother-yarn Mop (grey color)

Microfiber Mop (green color)

Remote control (batteries included)

Power adaptor

Charging cradle

Nordväl HC104 Triple Spin

Nordväl HC104

Product name Nordväl HC104 Triple Spin
Size 325 x 306 x 99 (WxDxH)
Power AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
Operating Noise 43 dB
Driving speed 20cm/sec
Power consumption 27 Wh
Weight 2.05 kg
Battery Li-ion 11.1VDC, 2150mA
Operating time Approx. 120 minutes with wet mop pads
Approx. 200 minutes with dry mop pads
Charging Time Approx. 160 ~ 180 minutes

Remote control

Product name IR Remote Control
Size 150 x 50 x 21 (WxDxH)
Signal transmission distance Max. 5m
Model name IR Controller
Battery 2 x AAA batteries
The device does not turn on

Check if the battery is discharged.

Recharge the battery fully and start the robot again.

The device does not charge

Check if the power adaptor complies with the specifications.

Check if the power adaptor is correctly connected.

Remote control does not work

Check if the robot is charged and switched on.

Replace the batteries of the remote control with new ones.

The remote control does not operate while recharging.

Check if the remote control is not located 5m or further away from the robot.

The robot mop does not work

Check if the robot is turned on after charging.

Please press the operation button for 2sec. to check if it does turn on.

Check battery level or errors through the LED lamp.

The robot mop is not working normally during cleaning

Please clean up the sensors. (See page 10 in the user manual)

Please check if the mops are properly attached on the mop kits.

Movement or cleaning force is weak

Check if the watertank and mops are installed correctly. (see pag. 6 in the user manual)

If the mops or the bottom of the main unit is too moist, remove moisture and restart.

Check if unwanted substances like a long string are caught in the water supply mop kit or mop guide kit.

The operational noise is louder than normal

Check if any unwanted substances are caught in the rotating plate of the device.

Loose screw of the rotating plate may cause noise.

The operating time is short

Charge the battery fully and check the battery level indicator. (see pag. 5 in the user manual)

If the battery is completely discharged, the operating time of the robot can be affected.

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