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HC103 Vacuum Robot

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Change the way you clean your floors permanently with the new Nordväl HC103 vacuum robot. Sweep, vacuum and mop all in one go!

Important features

Vacuum and mop hybrid

UV-light disinfectant

360° LiDAR laser navigation

Extra-long brushes

Wi-Fi + app control

Save multiple floorplans

Cross bumps up to 2cm

Automatic charge and resume planning

The Nordväl HC103 is a powerful vacuum robot with advanced features such as a mopping function, LiDAR Laser sensor and a UV disinfectant light.

Easily control and manage the robot anywhere to create floor plans, schedules, and more with the App.

Perform up to 2 hours lasting cleaning sessions, configure forbidden zones to avoid during the cleaning process and save your floor plans. You can do it all (and much more!) with the HC103, and it is easy for anyone.

Allergies and bacteria are history thanks to the integrated UV light disinfectant cleaning function. This vacuum effectively eliminates bacteria while navigating your home.

The HC103 comes with an exchangeable dustbin. Easily swap the dustbin with the watertank dustbin, which makes it possible to mop the floor while vacuuming. You do not need to mop your floors any longer!

One robot, three less chores

Triple the action, triple the comfort! Sweep, vacuum and mop, the Nordväl HC103 does it all for you in one go. And the best thing is, you do not even need to be at home.
Easily create a floorplan and a schedule through the app once, and the rest is up to the HC103. Arriving back home to a perfectly cleaned floor is no longer an imagination.

Dustbin with filter

The 600ml large dustbin vacuums anything from hairs and dust to coffee beans, and filters the air while doing so. The combination of a primary filter and a HEPA filter makes sure that it reduces allergens and dust in the air while vacuuming the floor.

Dustbin with watertank

No fan of mopping your floors after vacuuming? Then attach the 360ml watertank, which features an automated water control system. The robot will dispense the preferred amount of water while vacuuming. You can enjoy a completely cleaned floor in one go.

Cleaning capabilities

The extra-long side brushes combined with a suction power of 2500 PA makes sure that no dust or hairs can escape the Nordväl HC103 Vacuum Robot!

The extra-long side brushes easily reach all corners, and the robot is capable to vacuum a great versatility of floors. Wood, laminate, concrete, tiles, carpets, cloths, basically any indoor floor will be cleaned without a problem. Use the included watertank dustbin to mop the hard floors if you wish.

Additionally the vacuum robot is equipped with a silent motor, which makes it possible to operate at night, in quiet mode at a low noise level of only 50dB. The multiple filtering systems helps to reduce allergens in the air that you breathe, and captures all kinds of dirt, dust or hairs effortlessly.

High efficiency filters + UV disinfection

Keep the air that you breathe clean thanks to the low maintenance but high-performance primary and HEPA filter combination. They filter out dust and allergens, so they do not circulate in your house.

Additionally the integrated UV disinfection light eliminates bacteria while navigating your home to keep you floors free of bacteria’s.

Laser navigation, complex made easy

The integrated LiDAR laser navigation system accurately scans each room, to avoid obstacles and to create detailed floor plans.

It automatically displays the created floor plans in your app, which allows you to save floorplans for future cleaning sessions.

Advanced multi-floor mapping technology

The Nordväl HC103 vacuum robot features an advanced multi-floor mapping technology, which allows the robot to create an accurate layout of your house.

Save your floor plans, name rooms, create no-go zones and create virtual boundaries to efficiently clean each area of your home.

During a cleaning session, the robot will know which rooms to clean, which spots are already cleaned, and how to return to its charging station. It will never miss a spot!

Automatic recharge & resume

The built-in smart battery system makes sure that the robot will automatically return to the charging station when the battery runs low. After a full charge, the robot will resume the cleaning session where it left off automatically. The HC103 operates for up to 2 hours per session.

Schedule, share and find

Easily create cleaning schedules per day and time. The robot will automatically start when you programmed it to, so you can always come back home to a sparkling clean floor!

Share access with family, roommates and friends, to give them control to operate the robot when needed.

Did the robot get stuck and you don’t know where? No problem!
Use the localization feature in the app to find the robot’s location. When using this feature, the robot will give a sound signal to find him back.

Cliff and obstacle detection sensors

The vacuum robot has different sensors to avoid falling off stairs and avoid bumping into obstacles.

Area cleaning

Select an area in your map and the robot will perform the cleaning program there.

Spot Cleaning

Choose a location where
you want the robot to intensely focus its cleaning.

Zone Cleaning

Create a specific rectangular
area for the robot to clean.

Barrier line

Create a virtual line that
the robot will not trespass.

No-Go Zone

Create a rectangular zone
where the robot is not allowed to operate.

Area Management

Merge, split and rename areas in your floor plans.

Smart assistant ready

The Nordväl HC103 vacuum robot is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Control it directly from the Alexa or Assistant app, or give voice commands through Alexa ECHO and Google Assistant speakers.

Command the robot by saying “hey Google, tell the robot vacuum to start cleaning “, or use many other possible voice commands.

The robot is equipped with an OTA chip for remote upgrades. System updates will be automatically uploaded to the robot, to make sure that your robot its always up-to-date.

What’s in the box

  Nordväl HC103 Vacuum Robot

  Charging station


  Remote control

  Side brushes (4x)

  Dustbin with watertank

  Dustbin with cover

  Brush tool

  HEPA filters (2x)

  Mop pads (2x)

What’s in the box

  Nordväl HC103 Vacuum Robot

  Charging station


  Remote control

  Side brushes (4x)

  Dustbin with watertank

  Dustbin with cover

  Brush tool

  HEPA filters (2x)

  Mop pads (2x)


Charging time 5 hours
Charging type Automatic / manual
Battery capacity 3200mah Lithium
Power consumption 32 W
Suction power 2500 Pa (silent mode 1800 Pa)
Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz
Noise level 50-65 dB
Navigation Laser (LiDAR technology)
Dustbin volume 600 ml
Water tank volume 360 ml


Cleaning duration 90 min / 120 min
Disinfection Integrated UV floor light
Voice notification Yes
Available languages EN, DE, ES, PL, CZE, TR, PT, RU, KO, VI and ZH
Maps generated by the app Yes
Scheduling Yes


Product name Nordväl HC103 Vacuum Robot
Robot size Ø33 x 9,6 cm
Robot weight 2,8 kg
Remote control operating distance 15 m

Charging station

Charging station size 15,5 x 15 x 8 cm
Power consumption 11.4 W
Can I change the language and moderate the volume of the robot’s voice?

Yes, go to settings > voice pack and select a language for the robot to use. To moderate the volume you can do this in settings > voice switch.

Can I add extra rooms to my current floor plan?

Yes, place the robot in the room you want to add and press the “start” button in the app or the robot, when the cleaning program is done, go to “map management” and you will see a possible plan update. Click on “update” and the room will be automatically added to your current floor plan.

Is it possible to change the main user of the robot?

Yes, to do this both user 1 and user 2 must delete the device from the app by going to settings, all the way down and clicking on “Delete device”.

After this, user 1 must register the robot in the app and then share it with user 2.

Please note that some map information and previous settings may be lost.

How do I know if the robot cleaned a specific place?

You can check the robot’s clean history on settings > Cleaning Record.

How can I send the robot to the charging station?

When the robot has finished a cleaning program it will return automatically to the charging station.

If the robot has a low battery during the cleaning program it will automatically go to the charging station. After a full charge, the robot will resume the cleaning where it left.

You can always send the robot to the charging station by clicking on the battery icon on the main screen.

Can I use the app to find the robot?

Yes, you can always locate your robot’s position and status on the main screen.

How long do I have a warranty on my robot?

We provide a 24-month warranty on all our products after purchase (with some exceptions). Unfortunately, we cannot treat products that have become defective due to improper use, fall damage, water damage, etc.

Manual EN

Handleiding NL

Handbuch DE

Manuel FR


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