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HC101 Robot Mop

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Mopping takes time and it’s a dirty job.
Take out your mop stick and get to know the Nordväl HC101 Robot Mop.

Important features

Reaches difficult corners

2 rotating mop pads

Obstacle and fall detection sensors

Noiseless (47dB)

Mop pads are kept wet

Remote control

Easy to use

The Nordväl HC101 robot mop is made to help you save time in householding tasks, this robot mop navigates independently within your house while avoiding obstacles and applying one of its 9 mopping programs.

Effectively clean a variety of floors, with HC101’s Dual-Spin Technology, the 2 mopping pads rotate at high speed to move forward while thoroughly mopping your floor.

Smart cleaning

Fill the water tanks and let the robot mop do its work with a simple click of a button on the remote control. The Nordväl HC101 Robot Mop ensures a clean floor, without you having to mop. With the use of different programs, stubborn stains are easily removed.

Dual-spin rotating mop pads

The two power motors operate the built-in dual-spin (rotating) mopping pads, allowing the Nordväl HC101 to effortlessly remove dirt and stains from various types of floors, including hardwood, parquet, stone, tiles, marble, laminate, PVC floor, etc. In addition to dust and dirt, the Nordväl HC101 Robot Mop also collects hair and fur.

Water tanks

By an automatic water supply system
the mops are kept wet during the cleaning.
This ensures that the most stubborn stains are removed with optimal cleaning. Because the mop pads are bigger than the robot self, they can reach the most difficult corners and clean them.

Obstacle detection sensor

The integrated sensors help the robot scan your room so that the Nordväl HC101 detects and avoids obstacles such as walls and furniture. This allows it to move effortlessly through the room and clean as efficiently as possible.

Cliff sensor

Height differences are detected by the fall detection sensors, so that the robot can, for example, detect a staircase and prevent a fall.

Cleaning modes

What's in the box?

Nordväl HC101 Robot Mop

Water tanks

Coarse cleaning mop (gray color)

Microfibre mop (green color)

Remote control (including batteries)


Silicone brush

User manual

What's in the box?

Nordväl HC101 Robot Mop

Water tanks

Coarse cleaning mop (gray color)

Microfibre mop (green color)

Remote control (including batteries)


Silicone brush

User manual

Nordväl HC101

Product name Nordväl HC101 Everybot Edge (Robot Mop)
Size W327 x D165 x H136 mm
Power AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
Operating Noise 46.6dB
Driving speed 20cm/sec
Power consumption 27 Wh
Weight 1.6 kg
Battery Li-ion 11.1VDC, 2150mA
Operating time 100min

Remote control

Product name IR Remote Control
Size W150 x D50 x H21mm
Signal transmission distance Max. 5m
Model name IRCEdge
Weight 45 gr
Battery 2 x AAA batteries
The device does not turn on

Check if the battery is discharged.

Recharge the battery fully and start the robot again..

The device does not charge

Check if the power adaptor complies with the specifications.

Check if the power adaptor is correctly connected.

The remote control does not work

Check if the robot is charged and switched on.

Replace the batteries of the remote control with new ones.

The remote control does not operate while recharging.

Check if the remote control is not located 5m or further away from the robot.

The robot mop does not work

Please check if the robot is turned on after charging.

Please press the operation button for 2sec. And check if it does turn on.

Check battery level or errors through the LED lamp.

The robot mop is not working normally during cleaning

Please clean up the sensor windows.(See page 11 in the user manual)

Please check if the mops are properly attached on the mop kits.

Movement or cleaning force is weak

Check if the water supply mop kit or the mops are installed correctly. (see pag. 6 in the user manual)

If the mops or the bottom of the main unit is too moist, remove moisture and restart.

Check if unwanted substances like a long string are caught in the water supply mop kit or mop guide kit.

Firmly tighten the screw of the mop guide kit on the bottom of the main unit. (see pag. 8 in the user manual). The main unit is made to be operated in home (floor) environments.

The operational noise is louder than normal

Check if any unwanted substances are caught in the rotating plate of the device.

Loose screw of the rotating plate may cause noise.

The operating time is short

Charge the battery fully.

If the battery is completely discharged, operating time of the robot can be affected.

Check if the LED lamp blinks in red while charging.

The LED lamp blinking in red may be a sign indicating that battery is abnormal, so turn off the power and contact the customer support.

How long do I have a warranty on my robot mop?

We provide a 24-month warranty on all our products after purchase (with some exceptions). Unfortunately, we cannot treat products that have become defective due to improper use, fall damage, water damage, etc.

How to enable darkfloor mode

1 Connect the device to the power adaptor first.

2 Press the direction keys of the remote control in the following sequence; Up, Left, Right, Up — Now you will hear a signal sound.

3 Then, you can operate the Mop Robot on dark floors, but it cannot sense cliffs for fall protection.

4 Once you turn off and on the Robot Mop, it will be reset to the original settings.

Manual EN

Handleiding NL

Handbuch DE

Manuel FR

Leise, effektiv und einfach zu bedienen

Rated 5 out of 5
27 June 2022

Wir haben den HC104 Triple Spin am 19.5.22 gekauft. Die Beratung und Abwicklung war professionell und freundlich, Antworten kamen zeitnah. Die Lieferung war schnell und der Wischroboter kam gut und intelligent verpackt bei uns an, mit gut verständlicher Anleitung (ein paar kleine Übersetzungspointen ;))

Das Produkt ist wie in der Beschreibung. Es ist einfach zu bedienen und zu pflegen und funktioniert hervorragend. Nach mehreren Wochen im Einsatz sind wir begeistert und sehr zufrieden. Der Triple Spin übernimmt das eigene Wischen per Hand/Wischmob tatsächlich. Er arbeitet sehr leise. Die Pads sind einfach zu installieren, können auch bei Bedarf mit etwas Reiniger besprüht werden. Das Gerät ist leicht zu tragen. Der Triple Spin ist niedriger als sein Vorgänger und kommt deshalb besser unter Möbel. Wir sind bisher sehr zufrieden mit diesem Produkt und hoffen, dass sich dieser Eindruck noch sehr lange bestätigen wird.

Debora Bunse

effectieve dweilrobot; goede prijskwaliteit.

Rated 4 out of 5
16 August 2021

de dweilrobot beweegt vlot over de totale oppervlakte en slaat geen elke centimeter over.

hij dweilt en doet goed zijn werk omdat er afwisselend een rotor draait en de andere stilstaat: de ene rotor draait dus als het ware dubbel zo snel.

je moet wel weten dat het vuil in het water oplost en alleen opgenomen wordt in de microporeuze dweilpads; er wordt geen vuil water opgezogen.

in de praktijk zou je de pads dan ook om de dertig minuten eens moeten uitwringen en spoelen en terug bevestigen: dit is geen grote moeite want het is met kleefstrips ‘””velcro”)

een klein minpuntje is dat hij toch nog botst (niet keihard) tegen kasten of voorwerpen die niet doorlopen tot tegen de grond.


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