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DC101 Dashcam Wi-Fi

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Compact dashcam with Wi-Fi connection, Full-HD recordings with a G-sensor and parking mode including SD card storage.

Important features

Compact design

Parking mode (motion detection)

Incl. micro SD card


1.5 inch LCD screen

170˚ wide angle lens


WDR Dynamic contrast

Nordväl DC101 1CH Full HD LCD Dashcam + Wi-Fi

Our Nordväl DC101 dashcam is the ideal entry-level model. It has a handy LCD screen, can be connected to an app and thanks to its Full-HD recordings, the images are razor-sharp. Despite the compact round design, it has many additional internal functions.


Thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi, all recordings can be viewed via your smartphone or tablet. The images can of course be copied to these devices via the app to share or secure any event.

LCD screen

HThe built-in 1.5 LCD screen gives you easy access to changing the settings and reviewing recordings. In order not to be distracted while driving, the screen can be dimmed with the touch of a button, in addition, the screen will dim itself when it is not used for some time.


Thanks to the built-in G-sensor, the dashcam “feels” when you have a collision, brake hard or swerve for another road user, and so on. Using the built-in G sensors, the dashcam makes recordings that are placed in a digital safe. This is of course also very useful for the parking mode recordings.

Parking mode

Thanks to the optional Nordväl PMPC02 fixed power cable with battery monitoring function, you can continue recording in parking mode, without running the risk of an empty battery.

In parking mode, the DC102 records continuously. Would you rather record in parking mode based on impact detection, motion detection or time-lapse? Then choose our DC102-4K with upgraded 4K recording quality and extensive parking mode function.

170˚ wide angle lens

The dashcam has a very large viewing angle due to the 170° degree wide-angle lens. This allows him to record multiple lanes, but also the environment next to the road, so as not to miss unexpected moments.

Date and time display

The dashcam is provided with time and date during recordings. This way you can always show what time and on what day certain recordings were made.

Status indicators

Via the built-in LED indicators you will be informed about the recording status on the go. It also has a built-in microphone to record sound if desired.

The mounting

The Nordväl DC 101 dashcam is supplied with 2 holders as standard. The 3M tape holder ensures an easy and secure attachment in your car. It does not vibrate loose, and because the camera is mounted tightly behind the window, the recordings are smoother than when using a suction cup mount.
Do you want to change the vehicle more often, or would you simply prefer to use a suction cup mount? Then you can. The Nordväl DC101 can be easily removed from the holder.

What's in the box?

  Nordväl DC101 dashcam

  Micro SD card

  12V power cable (cigarette lighter)

  3M tape holder

 Suction cup holder

  USB data cable

  User manual

What's in the box?

 Nordväl DC101 dashcam

  Micro SD card

  12V power cable (cigarette lighter)

  3M tape holder

 Suction cup holder

  USB data cable

  User manual

Product name Nordväl DC101
Color / Size / Weight Black, dark and light blue / 6 x 6,3 x 3,6cm / 55g
SD card MicroSD, Class 10 or higher, Max 64GB
Recording mode Normal recording, event recording and parking mode

*use the optional Nordväl PMPC01 Parking Mode Power Cable for the parking mode

Lens 170° wide angle lens
Video resolution Full-HD 1080p (1920 x 1080p) @30FPS
Video codec H.264 MOV files
Screen 1,5 inch LCD screen
Laguage English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Japanese
G-sensor Built-in
Wi-Fi Built-in
Microphone / Speaker Yes / Yes
USB port Yes, micro USB
Time and date setting Yes
Loop recording Yes
Input 12 volt and 24 volt
Voltage consumption 5V 2,5A
Battery 180 mAh backup battery
Warranty 2 years
The dashcam is not recording.

Check if there is a problem with the SD card. Try to format the SD card and if this doesn’t work, try replacing the SD card.

The dashcam sometimes stops automatically while recording.

There may be a problem with your SD card. Due to the enormous amount of writing actions, use fast class 10 microSD cards (max. 64GB).

How do I format the SD card?

You can format the SD card via the dashcam menu on the screen. Check out our full guide for step-by-step instructions.

I cannot find the dashcam in my Wi-Fi settings.

Turn on the dashcam’s Wi-Fi by pressing the Wi-Fi button. The camera will indicate the Wi-Fi activation on the screen.

I cannot connect to the dashcam Wi-Fi.

Switch off smart network switch on your smartphone.

The Wi-Fi connection will be disconnected automatically.

When you are connected to the dashcam Wi-Fi, it will turn off automatically after a while (if there is no activity).

I have horizontal stripes in the image.

This is due to the wrong setting of the light frequency.
Set the frequency to 60Hz or 50Hz according to the power supply.

The dashcam is no longer working.

Does the dashcam still display LED signals? Then there is power and there may be something wrong with the SD card. Reset the dashcam and format the SD card and try again. Does the dashcam no longer give LED signals? Then check the power supply.

How long do I have a warranty on my dashcam?

We provide a 24-month warranty on all our products after purchase (with some exceptions). Unfortunately, we cannot treat products that have become defective due to improper use, fall damage, water damage, etc.

Manual EN

Handleiding NL

Handbuch DE

Manuel FR

Apps & Software

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