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Can I change the language and moderate the volume of the robot’s voice?

Yes, go to settings > voice pack and select a language for the robot to use. To moderate the volume you can do this in settings > voice switch.

Can I add extra rooms to my current floor plan?

Yes, place the robot in the room you want to add and press the “start” button in the app or the robot, when the cleaning program is done, go to “map management” and you will see a possible plan update. Click on “update” and the room will be automatically added to your current floor plan.

Is it possible to change the main user of the robot?

Yes, to do this both user 1 and user 2 must delete the device from the app by going to settings, all the way down and clicking on “Delete device”.

After this, user 1 must register the robot in the app and then share it with user 2.

Please note that some map information and previous settings may be lost.

How do I know if the robot cleaned a specific place?

You can check the robot’s clean history on settings > Cleaning Record.

How can I send the robot to the charging station?

When the robot has finished a cleaning program it will return automatically to the charging station.

If the robot has a low battery during the cleaning program it will automatically go to the charging station. After a full charge, the robot will resume the cleaning where it left.

You can always send the robot to the charging station by clicking on the battery icon on the main screen.

Can I use the app to find the robot?

Yes, you can always locate your robot’s position and status on the main screen.

How long do I have a warranty on my robot?

We provide a 24-month warranty on all our products after purchase (with some exceptions). Unfortunately, we cannot treat products that have become defective due to improper use, fall damage, water damage, etc.



Charging time 5 hr
Charging type Automatic / manual
Battery 3200mah Lithium
Power consumption 32 W
Suction power 1800pa-2500pa
Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz
Noise level 50-65 dB
Navigation Laser
Dustbin volume 600 ml
Watertank volume 360 ml


Cleaning time 90mins / 120min
Sterilization Integrated UV lamp
Voice report Yes
Available languages EN, DE, ES, PL, CZE, TR, PT, RU, KO, VI and ZH
Map management Yes, in the app
Scheduling Yes


Product name Nordväl HC103 Vacuum Robot
Robot size Ø33 x 9,6 cm
Robot weight 2,8 kg
Max. distance remote control 15 m

Charging station

Charging station size 15,5 x 15 x 8 cm
Power consumption 11.4 W

Manual EN

Handleiding NL

Handbuch DE

Manuel FR

Manual EN

Handleiding NL

Handbuch DE

Manuel FR